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Six For Tea


You can help Six for Tea in a variety of ways!

1) DONATE: Help the survivors of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami in their time of need; any cash donations would go a long way!

2) Publicize this cause: Link back to us from your websites or forums using the banners/buttons made. You can also make your own Six for Tea promotional graphics – share them with us here if you do!

3) Contribute promotional or exclusive wallpapers for donors: We have a small private collection of wallpapers for people who donated to the project, and we would love to grow the collection further! The wallpapers that you make for donors should be relevant to our cause. You should also feel free to post promotional wallpapers to various online forums and your websites. Just don’t forget to link back to us! Check out Le Projet Tsunami, Design for Japan, or messages from Jump mangaka for quake victims for more artistic inspiration. Email us or link us your walls on Animepaper or Minitokyo once you’re done!

4) Help write project updates: We’re looking to continually update the WordPress site with relevant stories – let us know if you’d be interested in writing something for us!

If you’re interested in helping out with any/all of those things and need more information, please shoot us an email or leave us a comment! You can also find us at Minitokyo and Animepaper.

Curious about who’s involved in the project? Check out the contributors list!


  1. Fran
    April 8, 2011

    Made a post on our News section at EDD : D

    You guys are a good job <3

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