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Mercy Corps Update: Helping the Littlest Survivors

Just wanted to share this moving email update from Mercy Corps. Please donate now and help us promote this cause!

Disasters like Japan’s earthquake and tsunami devastate and disrupt lives none more than the lives of children like three-year-old Kokowa.

After the tsunami, Kokowa’s family was stuck on the roof of a building for three days. They had to be rescued by helicopter. Now they’re living in a local gymnasium with dozens of other families, including 100 other children. Mercy Corps is helping provide food, heaters and other supplies to families but Japan’s ongoing crisis has left Kokowa and her family homeless, unsure of when or how they’ll be able to resume their lives.

Mercy Corps - Littlest Survivor

Photo: Joy Portella, Mercy Corps

This disaster has deeply affected thousands of young lives. That’s why, alongside our local partner Peace Winds, Mercy Corps is launching our Comfort for Kids program because of your fundraising support.

Comfort for Kids trains caregivers how to help children through the trauma of disaster. The Mercy Corps team has used this approach in places including Haiti, the U.S. Gulf Coast and China. Comfort for Kids is a priority here in Japan because the continuing stress of aftershocks, combined with grief and loss, make it critical to provide children with emotional support as soon as possible.

We’re committed to helping families and businesses recover from this disaster but it is especially important to bring help and hope to the littlest survivors: children like three-year-old Kokowa. Thank you for your fundraising and outreach support.

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