7. flyindreams, 9.09: I need moar Princess Tutu walls plz!! ; D;

6. MyrrhLynn, 5.09: My request, because it is almost summer which = happy things: A Happy Bishounen wall

The wall must have at least one bishounen in it and he must be smiling (a happy smile not an evil smile). It's okay to have other people in the wall but they have to be smiling too!

Walled by flyindreams

5. piccolobear, 2.09: So, let's see some moar Natsume Yuujinchou walls everybody! Any characters, human or non-human, manga-style preferred but but anime style is good, too. ;)
Walled by MyrrhLynn

4. fye-lover, 12.08: A wallpaper with Kouyuu Ri from Saiunkoku Monogatari inside. If not Kouyuu, any guy from the series is fine ^^ I don't mind whether it's abstract or scenic, I just want the bishie to decorate my desktop >3
Walled by piccolobear

3. asa01, 10.08: i'm in the mood for a wall with lots of awesome painted clouds, preferably sunset, but it's okay if it isn't. just as long as it's an open sky scene (or mostly so) with painted clouds. 8]
Walled by fye-lover

2. MyrrhLynn, 8.08: I want a wall featuring a bishoune (one and only one bishounen and NO GIRLs) on it. It can be any guy from any series he just needs to look as smexy as possible. Bonus points if he is shirtless or has wings. XD
Walled by asa01

1. flyin, 4.08: Moar Nodame Cantabile walls with Chiaki plz! (It's ok if he's with other characters)
Walled by MyrrhLynn


8. flyindreams, 3.10: END

7. sjade1, 6.09: I'd like Moar walls with TAKOYAKI please ^_^. It can be featured or at least somewhere in the foreground (shouldn't be hidden in the background).
Walled by flyindreams

* sjade1, 1.09: I'd like Moar walls from Initial D plz :D. Preferably with either a car in it or Takumi in it...or both.

6. Tama-Neko, 12.08: I want Moar walls from Mushishi plz! Any character(s) are fine :)
Walled by sjade1

5. MapleRose, 10.08: I request... Moar walls of Soldier Blue from Terra e (towards the terra)! (doesn't have to be that scan, just giving an example) =D Can have other characters in it, or by himself
Walled by Tama-Neko

4. MyrrhLynn, 9.08: Wall with a bishounen (or more then one) in normal clothes.
Normal clothes = street clothes, suits, modern looking military uniforms, school uniforms, dress clothes.
Normal clothes does not equal girl clothes (!) or strange costumes or fantasy-ish outfits.
Examples: Code Geass outfits would work but the shinigami outfits from Bleach would not work.

Walled by MapleRose

3. Dioma, 6.08: I want more Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro wallpapers <3
Walled by MyrrhLynn

2. Erdbeermilch, 5.08: Moar Mononoke walls plz! (The anime not Mononoke Hime)
Walled by Dioma

1. flyin, 4.08: Moar Nodame Cantabile walls with Nodame plz! (It's ok if she's with other characters)
Walled by Erdbeermilch