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Round 3 Elimination Challenge – Start!!

Posted by Jay on Wednesday, August 18, 2010 in News, Round 3

We had some incredibly AWESOME EC2 entries for Waldo.  You guys really worked hard on those, and now we’re ready to award you with yet another theme >D.

This is obviously the last round of AP Clash of the Wallers.  And we want it to be something personal; something that will showcase your current walling style but also keep you inspired to tackle tougher challenges in the future while learning from older styles.  So Flyin’ and I present to you:


(Thanks Jay + Nona for providing the source image for this banner!)

Theme: “Inspiration: Past, Present, and Until Dangos Are No Longer Sweet”

Deadline: 11:59PM EDT (GMT -4) on September 4, 2010
Round Coordinators: flyin’ + Jay

Take an older wallpaper that you admire or are inspired by. This should be a wall that made you want to start walling.

Take a unique style, character, or any other element that catches your attention from that wallpaper, and wall your own interpretation of that element. Your wall should EITHER:

  • showcase your current style,
  • or showcase a style/technique that you hope to learn from or improve on.

This theme was heavily inspired by the Pool Party footsteps meme, so definitely check it out to get an idea of what we’re getting at!

There will be no draw OR immunity challenge this round, as round 3 will decide the TOP 3 PRIZE WINNERS. LET THE CLASH BEGIN!!

Elimination Challenge Rules Recap:

  1. Entries must be a minimum of 1600×1200 (standard) or 1920×1200 (widescreen) res
  2. Entries must be NEW
  3. Email a sigged AND unsigged version of your wallpaper to, along with any links to the original scan(s) used and your inspiration wall. Please also include a SHORT description of your inspiration and interpretation of the theme.
  4. You may NOT submit your wallpapers to comms, personal websites, or anywhere on the internets until judging is complete and round results are announced.
  5. Early submissions are always welcome
  6. Late submissions will receive a -5 point deduction per day
  7. Late submissions will NOT be accepted more than three days after the round deadline.

If for whatever reason you can’t participate in an elimination round, please contact us and let us know you won’t be able to submit a wall, no later than FIVE days after the round theme is announced. This is so we can invite a Secret Wildcard Agent to take your place!

Bring on the comments

  1. Jay says:

    @Horseradish: Sent out confirms to all participants who submitted their entries just now. Please check your email when you get the chance :) .

  2. Horseradish says:

    @Jay: Hey, I was wondering if you guys received my entry. . . ? Because there’s no reply or something that you guys got it. (O__o)

  3. alenas says:

    And the temperature is rising. XD

  4. Jay says:

    Ten hours /o/

    other side… \o\

  5. Horseradish says:

    Now it’s barely half a day. (@__@)

    GAMBATTE KUDASAI minna-san! Let’s do our best!

  6. JD [Horseradish] says:

    WAH! It’s barely a day and a half left before the deadline! (X__X)

  7. Kalico says:

    Well Deto, in my case…I’ve been out of walling and away from AP for so long I don’t know who more than half of the participants are. I’m just equally a jerk to everyone! haha.

  8. What a great topic. I have to hand it to Flyin’ and Jay re: the topics picked throughout the competition: great work! They’ve been both challenging and inspiring!

  9. Deto says:

    I trust that judges will be objective, they’ve done great job so far :D I just think it’ll lower a bit of surprise factor for them :P

  10. flyin' says:

    @ Deto – I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Quite a few of the participants have really distinct styles which showed in their Clash entries so far, but it hasn’t really affected the judges’ scoring. The key thing is just making the best wall you can using whatever style you decide on, since it’ll all come down to how good your entry wall is against all the other participants’ walls :]

  11. Deto says:

    Hey, I just have a thought about theme that didn’t occured to me before.

    If we will choose to showcase our current style, in case of some of us, won’t it be obvious for judges which entries are whose? @.@

  12. flyin' says:

    @ alenas – well, the further back you can go for the inspiration wall the better… to avoid getting dinged from the judges on the “meets theme” scoring ^^;

  13. pamkips says:

    ffffffsssss I’m so screwed.

    I can’t wait to see what you guys bust out.

  14. TheMajor says:

    Wow can’t wait to see what you guys come up with. I’m kind of glad I’m not participating right now ’cause I’m sick as a dog. Ganbate !

  15. alenas says:

    Oh, I forgot to ask one thing XD:

    Truth be told, I don’t remember what wallpaper inspired me and made me start walling myself (there had been a lot of them, lol) so can we take an older wall that we thought was inspiring and pulled us out of our waller’s block?

  16. Horseradish says:

    This is SO COOL. (O__o)

  17. alenas says:

    *keels over* XD

    Awesome theme this round! I’m also looking forward to browsing my favorite walls/galleries. :D

  18. chibimisao says:

    DERP! o_O Final Round theme is here!! :O

    A nice one to close off the contest. :) Now i gotta go find something inspirational. I foresee hours of gallery browsing within the next few days for me. xD

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