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Round 2 Elimination Challenge – Start!!

Posted by flyin' on Monday, July 19, 2010 in News, Round 2

Theme: “Where’s Waldo?”

Deadline: 11:59PM EDT (GMT -4) on August 7, 2010
Round Coordinator: flyin’

Remember the Where’s Waldo books? Where you turn the page and whoever finds Waldo first (geeky-looking boy wearing glasses and a striped shirt) in the organized, but chaotic crowd of people wins the game?

This theme is based on a similar idea, with a different kind of Waldo – pick a small (mascot) character from any series, and hide it in your wall.

Some examples of characters to “hide” might be:

  • Pino from Ergo Proxy
  • Mao, the black cat from Darker than Black
  • Mokona from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
  • Ein the dog or Edward (Ed) from Cowboy Bebop
  • Torii from Gundam Seed

Remember to keep your character visible enough that they can be found, but not too visible so that the game’s too easy.

The setting for your wall is where you can get really creative! You can use more than just a crowd of people – as long as it’s a situation where you have to “find” your Waldo, that’s fine. Some examples for settings could be a crowded town, a jungle, or an ocean floor. Not to say you HAVE to go the detailed/scenic route with your wall – think outside the box and hide a character using your preferred style!

This theme is pretty straightforward, so no accompanying descrips this time! The only things we want to know from you are which character you hid and the original scans that you used. Also, please also include an unsigged “answer wall” with your hidden mascot circled in red so the uber-judges could reference as needed.

Round 2 Elimination Challenge Pairings/Draw Recap:

  • yina vs albel-ryuuji
  • milfeulle30 vs felesya
  • yuukine vs chanelqueen17
  • x-angel-0 vs moutonzare
  • StormFangs vs kawaii-chicken
  • red-eclipse vs storm-and-fire
  • TheMajor vs Deto15
  • dalarty vs tsu
  • ze vs chibimisao
  • alenas vs octofly

Elimination Challenge Rules Recap:

  1. Entries must be a minimum of 1600×1200 (standard) or 1920×1200 (widescreen) res
  2. Entries must be NEW
  3. Email a sigged AND unsigged version of your wallpaper to, along with any links to the original scan(s) used. Please also include an unsigged “answer wall” which shows the hidden mascot circled in red.
  4. You may NOT submit your wallpapers to comms, personal websites, or anywhere on the internets until judging is complete and round results are announced.
  5. Early submissions are always welcome
  6. Late submissions will receive a -5 point deduction per day
  7. Late submissions will NOT be accepted more than three days after the round deadline.

If for whatever reason you can’t participate in an elimination round, please contact the Round Coordinator and let her know you won’t be able to submit a wall, no later than FIVE days after the round theme is announced. This is so we can invite a Secret Wildcard Agent to take your place!

Note: I’ll be moving on July 17th, and probably won’t have internet access until July 23rd. Any urgent questions you have regarding the round theme in the interim should be directed to Jay, or emailed to

Bring on the comments

  1. [...] for Pogo a little while back. Jay really loved his music and used them in her Clash challenge videos, which made me want to check out his works a bit more thoroughly than when I first stumbled on him [...]

  2. flyin' says:

    Hey guys, just a quick FYI that we’d like you to also include an unsigged “answer wall” which has your hidden mascot circled in red, so the uber-judges could reference as needed. Thanks bunches and good luck walling!

  3. Felesya says:

    Haha she’s very happy you like it, however she’s a bit down because waldo was actually findable. lol

  4. FuKu says:

    Fely…your mom just won it all x)

  5. Felesya, tell your mom I found him and that she’s got talent!

  6. angie(x-angel-0) says:

    this theme is awesome!!!!!!!

  7. Jay says:

    @Fely: LOL. Your mom is AWESOME.

  8. Valuna says:

    House Like You, good luck!
    I, Yukiluna, shall support you to the very end!

    StormFangs is also part of the group ♥

    Much, much love from Yukiluna that gives you Oda Nobunaga in Sengoku BASARA 3.

    Now, FIGHT ON!

  9. Felesya says:

    I tell my mum about every contest i participate in, especially when i have to explain why i’m infront of the computer all day. So now, uhm, she decided to participate ^_^; And I thought i’d share

  10. kuryuki says:

    what a fun theme! I can’t wait to see the entrys :D

  11. luna says:

    OMG, what a fun them XD!

  12. TheMajor says:

    Oh many this is going to be fun. Bring the heat.

  13. chibimisao says:

    Where’s Wally! Lol i loved those books and tv shows when i was a kid. Like seriously it’s awesome. *__* I still love it~ :D :D

    This is gonna be an awesome one. I really hope someone comes up with something similar to the Where’s Wally Scenes with the masses of people in it. Oh god that’d be so epic!

  14. Jay says:

    @theme – BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! >D

    But seriously, I’m sure you’ve got more questions about this than the last theme. Feel free to ask – best way to get an answer is via email @ ;) .

  15. Phoenix says:

    Well I’m done crapping my pants. Let’s do this.


  16. Cy(Mike) says:

    I have to say I’m looking forward to this round even more than the last. What a fun and creative idea for a round. I wonder if anyone will literally attempt to re-create Where’s Waldo.

  17. Now that’s different. :0

  18. Yina says:

    Loved the books, haha xD
    But this sure is a difficult theme. o.o

  19. Tama-Neko says:

    Reminds me of how I hid myself (or rather, a sprite of a Tama cat) in my Katamari pixel wall.

  20. Chanelqueen17 says:

    O.O talk about a challenging theme!

  21. Felesya says:

    oh my god..this is mean XD

  22. pamkips says:

    This sounds amazing, I am psyched.

  23. Tsu (aka TOMW) says:

    love the choice of music, and this theme sounds like lots of fun!

    See you around flyin’ o/

  24. alenas says:

    Lol and for a moment there I got scared because I didn’t know about Waldo. I got the general idea so it’s all cool. Interesting choice! :3

  25. flyin' says:

    Damn library internet won’t let me watch more than 3 second intervals of the video at one go lol, but I got 50+ seconds in and this looks like another epic video! Thanks bunches Jay for prepping and covering for me while I’m out <3

    Guys, like the note said I won't have regular internet access for the next couple of days, but if you guys have questions it's probably best to send them to, so I’ll be able to check and answer them whenever I end up schlepping to a library with my laptop xD;

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