Due to IN's pending shutdown, all entries have been linked to comms/sites elsewhere for archival purposes. I'll still accept project entries as long as you link back to this page in your wall description. Feel free to PM me your submissions either on AP or MT!

Welcome all ye curious wallers...

The 100 Themes Project @ Instant Noodles is a spin-off of the popular Manga Art Challenge 100 Themes Project that has raged through online communities like deviantART, helped by the enthusiasm of many artists who look for new ideas to challenge.

Similarly, IN's 100 Themes Project encourages wallers to venture outside the box by putting forth a wide variety of challenging themes to wall, while also serving as IN's first large-scale promotional project.

What's Involved

Anyone who's a member of Instant Noodles can participate in the project. Pick a theme and wall it. You can't call first dibs on any themes prior to submitting your wall(s). Entries MUST be new walls, and you can wall as many themes as you like. Anime walls are ok. After you finish, stick this code (or some variation of it) into your wallpaper description:

For the [url=]100 Themes Project[/url] @ [url=]Instant Noodles[/url]

Then post the wall in IN under Projects Gallery > 100 Themes > Main Gallery and link it in this thread as "blah blah blah for no. # blah theme." Afterwards flyin' will update the project page with your glorified wall, and we end with happiness all around XD And in case you're wondering, no there's no real deadline, given the way this project works.


...will happen on IN if two or more people happen to wall the same theme. Flyin' will start a voting thread open to all IN members to vote for whichever wall they think best fit the theme. The wall with most votes will get on the main page, but all other submitted walls will go on another "entries" page. If there is a tie, flyin' or Gid or nageni will make the final vote. This is just flyin's evil way of making the project more interesting. But seriously, there are 100 themes, so doubling up shouldn't happen very often (unless you purposefully want to challenge somebody.) If you lose a vote-off, feel free to submit the wall for another un-walled theme, provided that the wall fits the theme. You can also switch to another theme before a vote-off, again, as long as the wall fits the new theme.

A note on vote-offs, since you guys are turning out to be mad walling demons (<3) I can see a lot of potential doubling-up of themes. Don't be afraid to be proactive in "challenging" for themes... you can (and flyin' most likely will) PM people who walled the same theme before starting a vote-off to see if both parties are ok with vote-off, if people want to switch themes etc. One of the most interesting things about this project is seeing different people's visions of different themes, so yeah please don't hold back if your theme got walled first. All project entries will be glorified in one form another unless you the submitter tells me otherwise.


1. Must be IN member to participate!
2. Entry must be a new wall!
3. Must stick promotional code in wallpaper description!
4. Must post finished wall in IN under Projects Gallery > 100 Themes > Main Gallery and in this thread!
5. Submit as many entries as you like! (Anime walls are ok.)
6. Must have fun!

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4. Dark: Warrior's Rest (Revised) by Ned-suki
19. Gray: Chirophobia by Ish
67. Playing the Melody: FUNKY BEAT OKINAWA by kuroimisa
86. Red: Arashi by flyindreams


Thanks to spookydoom for additional theme ideas, crap for quick theme check, gids for some awesome theme-ideas bouncing and being my official partner-in-crime for this project, na-kun for final themes-checking-support, and all of the wonderful people who have made IN a fun place to hang out... you know who you are ;D This one is for you guys!

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